External Hard Drive Recovery

San Jose Data Recovery specializes in recovering data from crashed, clicking and not accessible external hard drives to get you back online fast!

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Hard Drive Data Recovery...

We work at a hardware level on each data recovery project. This means that we're able to recover data from even the most difficult situations.

Failed hard drives, servers, and RAIDs typically require parts replacement, realignment, recalibration, firmware restoration, and mathematical calculations to determine MFT mount points and data structures and much more.

If your hard drive contains vital data, MP3s, videos, pictures or game database information, please, do not take unnecessary risks. Call us to at least have us make an image of your hard drive before you attempt to fix it on your own.

External Hard Drive Recovery

If you dropped your external hard drive and now you can't access it, STOP, turn it off and do not turn the power on. Turning it on and off in hopes it will start reading will only make your situation worse and may even cause your external hard drive to become unrecoverable. 

If your hard drive is clicking, beeping or making any unusual sounds, turn it off and call for professional help. Typical causes of an external hard drive failure include inadequate cooling or ventilation which will cause the drive to overheat. The leading cause of failure on external hard drives is being dropped. In either of these cases we can help you get your data back.

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