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San Jose Data Recovery specializes in recovering data from crashed, clicking hard drives, unbootable laptops, computers and notebooks to get you back online fast!

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Hard Drive Data Recovery...

We work at a hardware level on each data recovery project. This means that we're able to recover data from even the most difficult situations.

Failed hard drives, servers, and RAIDs typically require parts replacement, realignment, recalibration, firmware restoration, and mathematical calculations to determine MFT mount points and data structures and much more.

If your hard drive contains vital data, MP3s, videos, pictures or game database information, please, do not take unnecessary risks. Call us to at least have us make an image of your hard drive before you attempt to fix it on your own.

Desktop and Laptop Hard Drive Recovery

Desktop Data Recovery

Hard drives are mechanical devices and no matter which brand you have, it will fail. It is just a matter of time or a fluke circumstance that will cause it to quit working. Usually when it is the most intrusive to your daily work. From natural disasters (fire, flood or lightning) to virus infections, user error (accidently deleting or formatting a disk) or even computer sabotage by a former employee. Data loss happens in spite of your best efforts to prevent it.

If the drive has failed, is clicking, grinding, or malfunctioning, we strongly advise that you immediately turn it off. Further damage can occur if you try to fix it yourself, especially if you hear scraping, grinding, clicking or other unusual sounds.


Laptop and Notebook Data Recovery

In a meeting or on the road, your laptop is probably your closest companion, gathering and storing information while you're collecting data or away from your company's main network. Hours and days of irreplaceable data and files can be saved to your laptop's hard drive, and if it gets damaged or your hard drive crashes, the loss of critical business data can be devasting which makes getting your data recovered extremely important.

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SQL Recovery, MySQL Data Recovery

What You Can Expect When You Contact Data Recovery San Jose

We begin by identifying and replacing faulty internal parts like the heads, re-writing firmware, performing platter swaps, recalibrating and realigning the file structures and attempt to restore as much of your data as possible, as fast as possible.

Hard drives that are clicking, or making unusual sounds, go directly to the clean room bench where the PCB controller, heads and platter surfaces are checked and tested for scratches, scoring, correct calibration, ohm readings and failed chips.

ROM chips and firmware are checked. The spindle motor is tested for proper rotation, speed, alignment and frozen or damaged bearings...which can usually sound like a 'clicking' noise. Servo mechanisms that identify the parameters and structure of the hard drive are tested to determine whether they have been damaged or overwritten. Your faulty hard drive parts are replaced and correct firmware is loaded. Once your hard drive is brought to a state of readiness a sector-by-sector image is created. Then from that image the data is placed onto a new external hard drive for you.

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